JOIN TODAY! This CSA will support your Health Goals + Strawberries coming soon!

Hi Reader,

Fresh, crisp lettuce and vitamin packed kale is already being picked. Napa cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, radish and rhubarb are next.

Organic strawberries from Farmer Leroy will ripen in this hot weather and be ready for Market Box members any day. (Members get first dibs!)

Nutrient dense greens are bursting with life in our field.

I'm using them in my 5 day Detox smoothies this week: kale, cilantro, lemons and even greenhouse grown cucumbers are perfectly timed.

Cherry tomatoes grown in Farmer Leroy's greenhouse were a big surprise for about 24 spring farm members who had them rated as a big smiley face. I was lucky to snag a few for this picture.

After a winter break, you'll be so glad when all your fresh farm food is coming from Willow Haven Farm so you can skip the lame grocery store produce again this summer.

Summer is a time to increase your nutrition with fresh, organic, nutrient dense food so you can get back on track with your health goals.

Eat those salads.
Blend your smoothies.
Grill your chops, steaks and veggies.

REASON #1 You Benefit From Living Seasonal!

Bill recently said, "It's been an interesting education to learn when certain things are ripe and when the best time to eat them is."

Your body craves green salads in spring to replenish nutrients depleted over the winter.

When you join a CSA to eat local food, especially year round, you will receive the health benefits of peak nutrition, including the juicy flavors that POP in your mouth when you eat beefy tomatoes and drippy, sweet peaches.

You'll Feel Great

There's nothing we want more than to create a great farm experience that fits into your life so you can feel great about

  • being empowered to keep your healthy habits permanent all year long.
  • your local food system supporting many small organic farmers.
  • eating great meals and stocking your pantry with real food options.

We support your desire to have a good healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.

Don't to wait to start (or restart) your CSA membership!

We'll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

P.S. Stay tuned for our Memorial Day Weekend Offer that will Accelerate your ability to achieve your Health Goals this summer. Everyone who starts a Market Box Subscription by May 27 will be included in our special offer - Join today.

Don't to wait to start (or restart) your CSA membership!

Tessa DeMaster

Growing up on my family's farm in Pennsylvania, I never would have pictured the life I live at Willow Haven farm. As a kid I spent summers in our large family garden we called, “The Truck Patch”. I helped mom every summer, picking beans, weeding, and cutting fruit and vegetables for the hundreds of jars of canned and frozen produce we put up. Now I spends less time out in the field and more time in the kitchen doing the same preserving for my own farm family. Farmer Reuben values my many hours doing much of the behind the scenes marketing, writing emails to cultivate customers and capturing the farm story each week. I'm always learning along the way in my quest to improve the farm experience for each of her current and future farm members in our 500+ member, year-round customized farm box delivery program. Reading our stories will connect you with your food in a way you never experienced before. Someday soon you will want to fit local food into your life and we'll be here to help you.

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